Based in the world centre of electrics, Shenzhen, China, Ingellen Technology Co., Ltd devotes himself to design and manufacture fiber optic products since 2005. There is office in Hong Kong, too. Now Ingellen offers more than 40 different fiber optic products, including all kinds of fiber optic transceivers, 1~32 channel fiber optic video multiplexers, various of fiber optic media converters and passive components and so on. Together or singly, these products combine to provide reliable, efficient solutions for telecom engineering, corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, etc. Customer is everything at Ingellen. Meeting customers’ needs is our first priority. We are convinced that the path to success is through excellence customer service. Maybe you have many choices of where to buy, but we will convince you through our best products with best prices and best possible technical support. Ingellen Technology Co., Ltd not only has been supplying OEM & ODM services to customers all over the world, but the company has been supporting them to be successful in the fiber optic telecommunication market.