IngeneaSoft founders have been selling, supporting and implementing Solid Edge since it was first released back in 1996. Since then a common request received from users is that for utilities to provide additional functionality or some automation of frequently performed tasks within Solid Edge.

IngeneaSoft have created several commercial applications to answer the most frequently requested needs.

These are fully maintained products, compatible with the current version of Solid Edge, and developed using the latest programming technologies.

They are branded as Control Utilities for Solid Edge as they enhance your 'control' over Solid Edge.

Border Control - a simple and easy drawing border batch replacement application.

File Control - a data management solution for Solid Edge that requires virtually zero configuration. File Control provides instant search capabilities, where used and where drawn searches and much more.

Print Control - a batch printing solution for Solid Edge

Inspection Control - a unique application to automate the creation of inspection check sheets from within a Solid Edge drawing.