Jack is the first plug in device which turns any guitar or amplifier into a Wi-Fi device for wireless playback and studio quality connection to unmodified PCs, Tablets or Smartphones.

Users can then play in real time to their amplifiers or pedals and/or record, edit and share on their favorite Wi-Fi devices.


The first Wi-Fi real time audio connection to amps, pedals or unmodified PCs, Tablets or Phones
Studio quality uncompressed 24bit real time audio
Ultra low latency -  Jack's patent pending technology is nearly 13 times quicker than conventional Bluetooth and about 3 times faster than compressed "low-latency" Bluetooth
No need for cables, soundcards, adaptors, routers, an internet connection or even a PC

See the JACK demo video here:  http://youtu.be/G1pDoA6xAp0

For the millions of home guitarists who want to free themselves of wires and connect directly to their amps, pedals mobile devices, Jack is the answer.