You are only as good as your application.

You have probably heard of students with perfect GPAs and eye-popping test scores who didn’t get in anywhere. You have probably also heard of students with subpar numbers who got in everywhere. What’s the difference? Their applications. Don’t let your application hold you back from getting in.

The fact of the matter is that schools don’t accept people. They accept applications. Your qualifications alone will not get you in. You need an exceptional application to match them. You are not a faceless printout, but that is the first – and often only – way you appear to the admissions committee.

Applications are not just forms to be filled out.

The difference between a big envelope and a rejection letter is often a result of the art of your application. That’s right. Just when you thought you mastered the standardized tests and excelled in your field and your extra-curriculars, yet another skill must be mastered.

Applications, like poetry and essays, like short stories and newspaper articles, are a genre. Bridging the gap between who you are and how you appear on paper takes serious work. Whether you are a great writer or not, it is a task we can help you master.

A great application starts long before pen meets paper. Even if you have the qualifications, it takes a lot of thought and work to be able to translate who you are and what you are about into an application package that rises to the top.


How do you adapt your personality to paper? How can you highlight your strengths and hide your weaknesses? How can you represent yourself without misrepresenting the truth?

How can the application genre play to your greatness and work to your advantage?

Our strategy is simple: No regrets. We want to make sure you did everything possible to get into your top schools. We want to make sure you don’t blow it by making a bad impression and we want to help you frame yourself so that you can make the best impression possible.

Every effort, every inquiry, every i dotted and t crossed.

As college and grad school play more and more of an important role in people’s lives and careers, you need to know how to get in. That is why we started inGenius prep. We are the difference between rejection and acceptance. We know because we did it.

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