InGo provides the most effective marketing by accelerating word-of-mouth marketing with the power of social media.

Unlike traditional, top-down, blunt-force marketing, InGo empowers users to become co-marketers.  InGo facilitates word-of-mouth marketing to intelligently targeted friends and colleagues.  This type of person-to-person marketing cuts through the noise of advertising and creates unparalleled brand affinity by connecting the event brand to personal brands, driving not just growth, but the right kind of growth.

Before an event, InGo empowered participants or “Advocates” get excited for the event; they see who they’ll benefit from meeting, see who they can reconnect with, and receive social and professional recognition for their advocacy.  This provides each participant the social motivation to attend, register socially, and advocate.

InGo then amplifies this excitement by making it easy for them to share the event through trusted impressions on their news feeds and through personal invites, curated to their highly valuable, event-relevant contacts.

Event organisers, including industry leaders like UBM, Reed, and Messe Frankfurt, benefit from higher participant and exhibitor retention rates, increased registration to on-site conversion, and Advocates growing the event by bringing their friends and colleagues with them, via the most effective marketing, word-of-mouth.  All of this is made possible only by the InGo Smart Social Software.

For example, one InGo Advocate at a manufacturing event generated over 3,000 trusted impressions to his LinkedIn network, sent 237 personal invites to his network of valuable contacts, and was able to identify over 17 people he wanted to meet for the first time.