in.it.studios is a company that is  passionate about designing and delivering the best in contemporary garden buildings.  Our enthusiasm for architectural design, blended with an acute attention to detail and many years of manufacturing experience has allowed us to offer a leading edge product that is a cut above the rest, all whilst maintaining a competitive price.

Our studios are appropriate for all uses, be it a new home, annex, garden room, extension, office, gym, or pool house.  There is the option for bespoke extras such as WC’s, bathrooms, kitchens and more.  All our builds meet the latest building regulations for dwellings, and if you’re looking for a standalone studio, it is likely that you won’t require planning permission due to permitted development rights.

We have approached our design with sustainability running in parallel with aesthetics.  A green sedum roof, timber from accredited sources and the exclusion of PVC are just some of those features. The foundations can vary depending on the project, with our preferred method being the use of concrete plinths which uses 95% less concrete than a typical slab, thus being the more environmentally friendly option. Fully serviced and thermally insulated, our studio U-Value performances are; 0.28 W/m2K in the walls, 0.17 W/m2K in the roof, and 0.22 W/m2K in the floor.

At in.it.studios we have an experienced team of designers working alongside skilled craftsmen and joiners who manufacture all the components for our builds in-house including bi-folding doors, windows and even bespoke furniture.  The prefabrication is carried out in our factory in Leicestershire, UK and delivered and constructed to a site anywhere in Europe.  Our average build time is typically between 2-4 weeks depending on the size of the project.

Unlike other companies, we manufacture all elements of our studios under the same roof, ensuring quality, aesthetics and complete control of our product and design.  In addition, we take care of the whole build from the laying of foundations to the electrics and plumbing.  From the initial design, manufacture to construction and installation, we can manage the entire project to ensure the build is constructed in the most hassle free and professional manner.  

To enquire about a project you may have in mind or for further information please visit our website at www.initstudios.co.uk