At InkBright, the mission of our dedicated and passionate team of people is to continually uphold our customers' right to receive office print solutions that are nothing short of astounding.

InkBright was founded in 2010 to help individuals and companies be more environmentally concious when it comes to printing. Today, we bring innovative new services, backed by great Grenk brand products, to local and national, and international customers.

Whether your requirement is for money-saving aftermarket inkjet and toner cartridges or national brand supplies, InkBright is the company you can depend on.

InkBright delivers one-stop-shopping for true cost savings on desktop and network printer operational expenses - expenses that can easily add up to 3% of a company's total annual revenues!

Headquartered in Boynton Beach, Florida, InkBright is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction - satisfaction derived from product quality, unparalleled service and support, environmental excellence and, ultimately, our customer's complete experience. More than 'transactions', our customers are valued business partners.

We're here to Fuel Your Business.

Leo Wolfe
InkBright Owner