Inkler.org connects unemployed job seekers to employers and recruiters through an intelligent social networking site.
Inkler.org's mission is to do everything possible to help unemployed job seekers find work.
Company Overview
Inkler.org's primary goal is to help unemployed job seekers find work and get back to a normal way of life. Unfortunately, too many employers brush off the unemployed believing that they are inferior workers. In reality, most of these people are the victims of a poor economy, a struggling company, mergers, and other company-related actions. They are capable and hardworking, and their unemployment is not due to their performance, lack of ability, effort or desire.
First and foremost, Inkler.org is a member-based site meant for the exclusive use of Unemployed Job Seekers, Corporate Employers and Professional Recruiters.

The primary intent of the site is to enable employers and recruiters to find and contact unemployed job candidates based on their profile, video resumes and/or links to their work. Through the site, we want to clearly demonstrate that the unemployed talent pool is ripe with exceptional candidates who are experienced, motivated and ready to start working TODAY!

Through the talent of our member database, our goal is to show indisputably that the unemployed are not only qualified, but they offer several benefits to employers. To start, they can save companies thousands of dollars by eliminating extensive searches. They are also much more flexible in regard to salary, work arrangements (e.g. part-time, contract, temporary, etc.), extensive travel and even relocation. And the biggest value is that they are ready to start working and contributing to a company’s success today!