Welcome to Cat Stone’s Living Harmony, a transformative energy coaching practice established over twenty years ago to teach people and companies how to clear their energy blocks, negative thought patterns and false perceptions so that they can finally start manifesting intentionally and successfully living the life they’ve always wanted.

Before you mistake this for just another self-help program and energy practice, stop right there—Living Harmony isn’t about sitting at home and hoping for the best. In fact, Stone will quickly tell you she thinks the word hope is a four-letter word, and that she doesn’t let her clients use it without showing them how.

Why most self-help materials can’t help. Quick-witted and full of entertaining anecdotes that powerfully convey the essential lessons, Stone is swift in pointing out that most of us are too blocked to utilize the self-help information found in books and audio recordings on our own, so we give up out of frustration. “It's like setting a gas can next to the car instead of filling the tank:  the components are there, but without the intervention of someone putting the gas in, the car can’t take you where you want to go” explains Stone.

Fill it up, with premium please. When you seek out the support of a skilled energy practitioner like Campbell, who taps into her advanced-level Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) credentials she uses as the basis for her powerful proprietary combination of self-applied acupressure-based clearing modalities, essential oils and success methods combined with your own energy and intentions—you quickly leverage her powerful guidance to get unstuck. The result? You’re able to create change faster and easier, often making lasting-changes in areas of your life or business you never thought possible.

Whether you, your group or your organization seek out Stone’s  empowerment in person, on the phone, or through one of her online programs, such as “Manifesting Cash,” – a program she created to teach the how of creating financial freedom, Living Harmony is designed to provide you with a powerful and proven toolkit for managing your internal and external environmental energy and the  actual how-to instructions for creating a more prosperous personal and professional life.  As an added boost, when they stop struggling with stuck energy Living Harmony clients get to enjoy a more peace-filled existence.

What’s EFT? The only credentialed EFT practitioner in Hudson County, NJ including her home-base of Hoboken, NJ, Stone believes that it is the fastest acting methodology. It’s also easy to teach and to learn—so much so that Stone offers EFT both in-office and via telephone sessions.  “Most modalities require extensive appointments under the guidance of the expert practitioner with great lulls of waiting time between sessions.” Stone opines.  “But an essential and tremendous benefit of Living Harmony sessions is that right from the first appointment my clients are armed with powerful tools they can use not only in session, but most importantly right there in their own lives at the moment they need them.”

According to EFT’s founding principle, "The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system." Therefore, EFT is a unique form of acupressure, whereby the practitioner guides each client to access well-established energy meridian points on the body by tapping on them, while the client focuses on a problem or condition they’d like to change, releasing the unwanted energy blocks often resulting in amazing organic shifts in abundance, relationships and success throughout the client’s life.

Especially good for stress and anxiety, Stone adds, “I’m always excited at how quickly an individual or group can let go of a serious problem, fear or phobia and look 10 years younger as a result!” Stone’s clients have cleared problems ranging from serious emotional distress to allergies, phobias and physical pain...easily and in a short period of time. But her favorite thing to do is help her clients use her special brand of energy work to create what they want including true love, successful relationships, financial freedom, fabulous fitness, well-behaved pets and children and more.  

Those clients most stuck tugged at Stone’s heart, and inspired her to figure out both why they were stuck and how to support even the most challenged client.  Today’s Living Harmony is a powerful method designed to teach anyone the how of releasing those energy blocks so that anyone can create the prosperous life they’ve always dreamed of living…in Living Harmony.