IN MY BOOK® is a unique combination of greeting card and bookmark in one.  These literary-oriented cards feature greetings beginning with "In my book..." and conclude with such book-related sentiments as. “you're a top shelf”, "you're an adventure", “you’re rare” and "you're in between the covers."  In My Book cards start out as a greeting card, then perforate down the middle to become sturdy bookmarks (they're recyclable!).

The cards are available in eighteen styles each with pen & ink illustrations by Brooklyn artist Meredith Hamilton.  Cards have a die-cut top with the In My Book® logo; this is the part that peeks out of the book while in bookmark mode.  They are crafted in the USA out of  ivory card stock and come complete with a red envelope for mailing.  They are sold at bookstores, museum and library stores as well as on-line, and retail for $4.95 each.