Innobins is the best Mobile app development company in Noida, NCR, and Delhi, specialized in Artificial Intelligence, OCR, Machine Learning, Automation, SaaS, Android App development, IOS App Development, Web app development & Big Data Analytics.
It's located in Noida Sec-16 and Bangalore with a commitment to provide cutting edge technological assistance, with 20+ Years of manpower experience serving client all across the globe.
Our SaaS products comprise of Web application and Mobile Application of Location intelligence platform, GPS and Mobile based vehicle tracking application, Salesforce application, Cloud-Based Billing & Accounting Platform, Image processing OCR - KYC and Customer on-boarding Platform, Human Capital Management product.

Innobins transforms the Legacy Business into Tech-Enabled Business through implementation of its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products. We digitise key processes of the enterprise through enabling technology tools such as locational intelligence, IoT technologies, Computer Vision, Big-data analytics, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our SaaS products comprise of;

1). Location intelligence platform for tracking critical business assets,
An IoT platform/service that provides an end-to-end, AI enabled real time asset visibility along with structured analytic & intelligence to make better business decisions.

2) Real Time sales Force tracking product, (ML and AI enabled)
Cloud based single unified platform for managing all sales Force tracking needs by using Telematics for real-time data to enhance efficiency of sales force with built in AI enabled Machine-learning algorithms.

3) Human Capital Managment product,
An end-to-end, AI enabled, next generation, single unified platform for managing all human capital needs of an enterprise.Use Telematics to collect real-time data to manage real time need of the enterprise, AI enabled with built in Machine-learning algorithms.

4) Last Mile Delivery platforms
True Hardware agnostic, cloud based SaaS infrastructure that provides real-time visibility at finger tips using a portfolio of GPS devices and SIM based tracking applications, which ensure the reliability and accuracy of real time data for all monitoring requirements and enabling automated planning & optimisation of assets.

5) Image processing OCR - KYC and Customer on-boarding Platform,
AI enabled next generation SaaS product for digitisation of documents, aiding in robotic process automation, developing risk identification and enabling fraud detection modules for on boarding and handling large customer base specifically in BFSI

6) Cloud Based Billing & Accounting Platform - AccpuntPe
GST enabled Billing & POS product for MSMEs and SMEs businesses.