Since our inception in 2011, Drupal has been our core strength and we have created some unmatched and innovative experiences for our clients. Our solutions are scalable, secured, modular and most importantly possess rich feature and built for high-performance.

We use an agile development methodology to deliver our projects and to create a Open Source Technology based experience that will meet your user, business, industry and/or vertical needs. From planning to wireframe creation, creative design, module development, site theming, and consulting we offer seamless support services at every stage of the project.

We are writing the new web as we keep building the next generation scalable platform on which websites and web services will rely. We further offer scalable cloud solutions for web services and web applications and deploy high performing infrastructures over cloud for web applications.

Our Expertise:
Cloud hosting
UI/UX development

Our Notable Clients:
MAX Healthcare
Maia Learning
StraightTalk Online

We always strive towards making everything "process-oriented". It has helped us develop best practices for development, code management, deployment, time management, etc. We take pride in delivering quality work (never missing a deadline) to our clients.

We are a privately held company with offices in Kolkata and Jaipur.

Innoraft was awarded for “Effectiveness in Professional Group” by DMA Echo Asia Awards in 2015.