Once upon a time there were two little girls, competing at the international jumping competitions weekend after weekend, riding their many ponies. Even though they were competitors, and have been for years, their friendship sustained. With the untamed spirit of a horse-girl, combined with the deep passion for design and the creative process, a newfound idea, to combine the elements took place.”
The Danish design brand INNRIDER started to take form.

We are now introducing a brand new concept to the equestrian market. A concept where every browband is unique and only produced in very limited editions. The browbands are made from quality  Sedgwick leather and we personally hand decorate every single browband with Swarovski crystals.
The browbands are available in all possible colors of the Swarovski crystals that you can imagine.  Therefore it is possible for us to create unique designs, which are distinct in character, both in terms of crystal designs and in color variations.

In doing that there will be something for all kinds of customers and all kinds of taste, from the low key Swarovski browband suitable for the everyday use, to the massive BLING effect, that you would want to show off at the competitions on weekends, to present your horse in the most beautiful way.
You will be sure to offer your customers the personalized look and to match every color trend on the market.

You will get the opportunity to be part of a unique concept that combines the best of Danish luxury design with the new trends on the market. The possibility to offer your customers something they have never seen before, making you and your tack shop the “go-to” place for customized browbands.