Expert consultancy accelerated by the Inoni software platform enables us to build bespoke automated solutions that fit your business. Saving you time whilst driving up reliability, consistency and productivity.


Inoni provides essential insight and lets you act with confidence.

Consultancy and Software for Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Risk Assessment, Resilience Gap Analysis, Continuity Strategy Analysis.

Organisations can be complex and we need a strong understanding of the dynamics that underpin resilience. Dependency, environment, risk appetite and impact tolerance all play a vital part in this. Skim the surface and you risk exposing stakeholders to unwelcome situations or wasteful overspend.


Inoni builds intelligent accessible best-practice plans that work.

Consultancy and Software for Business Continuity Plans, Emergency or Incident Response Plans, Crisis Management Plans, Business Recovery Plans, Brexit Plans, Training and Validation.

Planning is the application of forethought to arrive at the best possible outcome, given the circumstances and thereby reducing our exposure to risk. We plan where an ad hoc reaction is unlikely to be effective - closing the stable door after the metaphoric horse has bolted.


Inoni offers a powerful suite of resilience and continuity measurement tools to guide you
to success.

Consultancy and Software for Consultancy and Software for Health Checks, Benchmarks, Capability Maturity Assessment and Compliance Reviews.

Measurement is everywhere. Every day, it helps us answer important questions such as how far, how long, how much and it permeates all aspects of resilience and continuity. It lets us compare where we stand in relation to our peers, assess progress against strategic goals, establish compliance with standards and make important decisions. Measurement-related activity accounts for some 20% of ISO 22301 : 2012 making it hard to ignore.