inPub Loop Advertisment Slide Venue Based DVD & Streaming Advertising

With inPub's venue based video solutions, you can make your business the featured advertiser on your screens. Your customers already watch your TVs. inPub offers practices and principals for successful venue based digital signage advertising to make those screens work for your bar, nightclub, pub or restaurant by promoting your specials, your events, and creating sustainable brand identity for your establishment.

Its more than Drink Specials

Your TV's are just as important as every other activity in your establishment that stimulates sales in house. inPub makes custom cue lists with content specific for your venue and customers. inPub's content is direct, simple to understand, eye-catching and offers specific call to action statements. Our content serves as a suggestive food and drink menu, a reminder of upcoming events as well as a conversation-starter with strategically placed photos of your patrons.

Three steps to increased sales...

Reliable, fast, maintenance-free DVD loop ads are smooth-transitioning, audio-free content that offers the small to medium size establishment the opportunity to advertise without requiring internet access, expensive equipment and costly servers and upkeep. A simple DVD player and an A/B switch allows you to turn on your ads to the TV's of your choice while leaving the feature TV's on broadcast channels your patrons want to watch. For those Establishment with internet access, a web-based application is available allowing the establishment owner the ability and flexibility to upload content, customize the advertising, and stream the presentations from the inPub website.

...and Complete Customer Care

It takes more than great looking content to sell your products. The additional value added services and support makes inPub ad campaigns work. Our professional design and strategy team assure ad campagn success. You get personal support every step of the way, with in-depth and detailed interaction to identify your advertising and promotions goals and creative vision for your custom campaign. .Contact us today to begin the creative process.