Why Vote Christopher Baker for President 2012

Why Vote Christopher Baker for President of the United States in 2012? I have experience in life, I have lived it not just heard about it from other people or news about it. I think we should get back to the basics, a simple plan. Foundation, family, friends, and People Helping People is going to save our great nation one person at a time.

We need to start at home then work our way into our own neighborhoods, and then into our community. We need to clean up the violence, neglect, and destruction where we live. We need to educate people to work, live, and buy smarter. We need to take care of these babies, and the elderly. We need to get people back working so they can support themselves and their families.

I believe we together can lower debt and raise income and financial stability by providing the right tools and education to teach people to live smarter. Of course I have many more reason to be president, this is just the base of the many reasons. You will find out more as this continues so stay tuned, ask questions, and help spread the word Christopher Baker will be President in 2012.

I was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia by a wonderful single hard working mother Audrie. We moved to North Carolina when I was 15 and started to make this our home.

I was once a troubled teen out of control and going downhill fast. After many years of alcohol and drug abuse, along with many times in and out of prison and jail and don't forget all the things I lost due to my lifestyle. Some of those things were all about money, I had none because of the major drug use. What do you do when you are out of money with a bad drug habit. Well you sell everything you have and everything you can steal, and when that is all gone you hit up every friend, family member and enemy you can find until you have burned every bridge you have. After that it is time to hit the streets, (Homeless) yes I said it.

I went from having it all to losing it all over and over until I had enough and finally got the help I needed from God and people that knew what I was going through. It was no quick fix and by no means easy, but well worth the hard work and time it took for me to find out who I was through learning from other people and then taking what I have learned to help other people as well. Now into many years of sobriety I am taking the same plan I learned on and putting it to good use, it is all about people helping people. Does not get any easier than that.

Now that life has been back on track for me , I have started to clean up the mess i made in life and found a way to give back and help other people. I started No Shame Outreach: http://noshameoutreach.org. Before I started that I found a wonderful and loving wife Stephanie that had two young men of her own, Dominic and Jacob. After we got married we had two more beautiful children, another son Luke and a daughter Danica.