Insight Group PLC - Investing in your future

As a leading finance and investment company, Insight Group PLC takes great pride in the unique investment opportunities that we offer our valued clients.

Insight Group PLC has a global presence that enables us to provide clients with alternative investment options, in soft commodities and property, and expertise that is unsurpassed in today’s marketplace.

Based in the thriving city of Cape Town, South Africa and in the financial hubs of Chicago, Singapore, Seychelles and Gibraltar, Insight Group Plc also operates in the property hotspot, Marbella, Spain.

Insight Group PLC's investments are located in key developing and emerging markets, that demonstrate solid financial gains and enable socially responsible investing. Our Moringa biodiesel project, for example, is located in Mozambique, Africa. Not only does it contribute to the development of clean energy, we provide the local community with green matter not used in the process to produce oil for biofuel, to be used as food or medicinal purposes.

An independent Market Intelligence and Research Unit (MIRU) supplies us with accurate and up-to-date news and research to ensure the investments we offer are in demand and profitable. Insight Group PLC takes great pride in our ability to provide clients with quantifiable confidence in everything we do. Our success in achieving this and meeting clients varying needs stems from the fifty years of experience in the financial, media, commodities and property sectors.

To find out more about Insight Group PLC and the investment opportunities we currently offer, please visit our website www.insightgroupplc.com.

Alternatively, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced Wealth Management Specialists by telephone on 0845 680 8713 or by email at invest@insightgroupplc.com.