Mission statement. Jh Productions has a dedicated staff that strives to produce quality, poignant and entertaining programming for both television and theatrical venues.  
Jh Productions writes, produces and edits low to high budget Television Programming, Music and Educational videos, video Shorts and Feature Length Films for private and commercial use.
Jh Productions plans to target the 16-28 year old market, male and female, with the current production of Jackson Horn.
Jh Productions will target the Television, Cable Television, Internet and DVD sales markets with its production of Jackson Horn. The Television, Cable and Internet markets continue to expand with a distinct focus on Independent Productions, such as this one.
Form of ownership. Jh Productions is a partnership between Josh Hodgins and Aaron Boltz.
Company / Jackson Horn History. Jh Productions was founded by Josh Hodgins in 1997. Since then, both Josh and the company have grown to incorporate a roster of 50+ actors and over dozens of crew members. All of whom are working together to make our dream a reality.  In 2001 Aaron Boltz partnered with Josh which aided in the diversity that Jh Productions continues to embrace. Josh and Aaron demonstrate the positive energy of the company by touting that many of our cast and crew have been dedicated members of Jh Productions for several years, and we are constantly expanding thanks to the incredibly talented Artists in the Yakima Valley and surrounding areas.
In early 2005 Jh Productions started a journey that would eventually culminate in an unprecedented achievement.  By creating, writing, and producing the pilot episode of an original series entitled: Jackson Horn, Jh Productions paved the way for independent filmmakers across the Nation. The FOX affiliate in Yakima, KCYU, first gained interest in the Jackson Horn project through the support of local sponsors.  Jackson Horn then went on to make its Network Television Premiere on November 5th, 2005.  The success marked the first time in Television History that an independent producer was able to inundate a major television network with original programming on little or no budget.
In early 2006, Jh Productions received word from KAYU FOX 28 Spokane, that the network had interest in airing the 12 Episode Inaugural Season of Jackson Horn. The only thing left to do was produce it. Pre-production started immediately, and filming began May 1st.  Principle photography ended in September and the show aired on schedule. All 12 episodes were produced completely independent and on a complete budget of less than $15,000.00. Now,  Jackson Horn has been offered a sub-national expansion and a 26 episode season. The history making project continues to grow!
Most important strengths and core competencies. Not only is Jh Productions ran by experienced and talented owners, Jh Productions strives to support new and up-coming talent. Jh Productions is dedicated to producing the best product for the dollar while continuing to bring innovation to each product and the industry.
Significant challenges the company faces now and in the near future. With the success of the inaugural season of Jackson Horn, we are now facing national exposure. To appropriately take this leap,  we require additional support in order to meet an acceptable degree of audio and visual presentation needed to continue the expansion.  
Long term. The goal for Jh Productions is to be worldwide for the next season of Jackson Horn. In addition to our broadcast goals, we are also in negotiations for the production of several feature length films.
The goal is to expand Jh Productions within 1 year in order to accommodate producing another season of Jackson Horn while producing feature length films.