Inspirational YOU has fast become the must attend event for those seeking to learn, network, promote and up skill themselves in a positive and professional environment

Speakers from the Financial Times, Forbes Magazine, Island Records, ITV, The Media Trust, UK Law Chambers, Music, International Investment bank, Nike, Marketing agencies, Social Media, Arise Magazine and ITV as well as successful business leaders and young graduates will help attendees develop winning ideas.

Now is the time to This is a great opportunity to start a successful business from scratch, network with leading figures in the business and media communities, develop your interview techniques and inter-personal skills, and learn how to spot that all important opening.  

This day is ideal for Social entrepreneurs, students, business leaders, those in law, music, fashion, PR, marketing, publishing, music, photography, aspiring entrepreneurs or those who want to make a change.

Inspirational YOU is a not-for-profit voluntary organisation that empowers and supports leaders and young people.    Book your ticket today via http://inspirationalyou5.eventbrite.com

Limited free places if you live in the LB Southwark or are a Metropolitan Housing Trust Tenant (Please see flyer for info).