We design bespoke development programmes that drive organisations forward, develop and engage their workforce and improve business performance – all leading to direct benefits to the bottom line.

We have been instrumental in the development of a new learning tool, Lumina Learning, which combines the best of Jungian profiling with the latest empirical Big 5 research. We are accredited to use many other training tools to ensure your organisation and the people in it get the best training for their personality.

We’re also engaged in supporting organisations to identify the right talent in the first place, and how to keep that talent in your organisation.

Our Business Values
Inspire has three central principles that fuel our success:

Integrity: We are honest about what we see in your business. This allows us to identify your strengths and weaknesses and align individual and corporate goals – and then facilitate change.

Inspiration: We will breathe life into your organisation, both the people and the projects, ensuring long term returns.

Influence: We help individuals to influence others, leaving everyone we interact with transformed.

Our Main services

Lumina Spark - http://www.inspire-ing.co.uk/our-services/our-tools/lumina-learning/
Neuro Linguistic Programming  - http://www.inspire-ing.co.uk/our-services/our-tools/nlp/
Online 360 Feedback - http://www.inspire-ing.co.uk/our-services/our-tools/360-feedback/
HeRoes Job Profiling - http://www.inspire-ing.co.uk/our-services/our-tools/hereos-job-profiling/
Employee Performance Management Survey - http://www.inspire-ing.co.uk/our-services/our-tools/employee-engagement-surveys/