What We Provide
Instinctive Driving is founded on the principles of comprehensive driver education and practical driving experience.

We pride ourselves on quality instruction – our number one focus is teaching you to be a safe responsible driver in a calm, relaxed and encouraging atmosphere.

Our Customers
Instinctive Driving has a long history of catering to an extensive and diverse range of students.  The following highlight the type of individuals and organisations we continue to provide excellent services to.

Instinctive Driving Instructors have assisted many teenagers to pass their driver’s test and obtain their first license.  Our endorsements are a testimony to how successful we have been in helping our students to become competent, safe and confident young drivers.

Instinctive Driving continues to work with institutions and individuals requiring a higher level of patience and understanding than our average students. We endeavour to ensure, within our resource capabilities, that anyone with the ability to obtain a driver’s license is fully supported.

Instinctive Driving adult students range from individuals who:

::     have never driven before and now require a license for reasons of work or simple independence;

::     wish to advance their driving skills through a defensive driving course, thus reducing the likelihood of costly and even potentially fatal accidents;

::     are from overseas as a student, worker, or new citizen and require an Australian driver’s license or just simply to feel safer and confident on our roads,  or need refresher lessons to regain confidence and avoid potential panic attacks caused by driving anxiety.

Principles of Our Work
Our Instructors pride themselves on providing the highest level of courtesy and professionalism at all times.  We provide a neat, tidy and safe environment in which to learn.  We are punctual and will contact you the day before to confirm your appointment.

In your first lesson you will be instructed by one of our Senior Instructors who will assess your driving knowledge, skills and confidence.  The Senior Instructor will then recommend a suitable driving package and an Instructor to teach you in your subsequent lessons.

Once your lessons have been completed, the Senior Instructor will assist you in preparing for and undertaking your VORT.

This process ensures you receive the best instructor for your level of competency and peace of mind.  It also allows us to ensure that you have the greatest chance of passing your VORT the first time.

Your Instructor will take you through a structured program to develop your skills and knowledge at being a safe and competent driver in preparation for your VORT.

You will learn 5 low speed manoeuvres: move off, on a hill; angle park; U-turn; 3-point turn and reverse parallel park.

General driving with your Instructor, develops your overall driving skills such as changing lanes, turning on and from busy roads, turning at traffic lights, negotiating roundabouts, stop and give-way signs, your interaction with other road users and the system of car control.

We are passionate about helping reduce avoidable accidents and road fatalities in the youth sector.  As such, we have incorporated defensive driving programs for students under the age of 25 to allow them the opportunity to better understand and respect their vehicle.

Our defensive driving programs are designed to increase your understanding of safe driving and vehicular control in hazardous situations. Generally this covers various emergency situations from skidding and swerving, all the way to fatigue management.