With Instancy organizations can create blended learning programs including eLearning, classroom and virtual classroom, discussions, chats, document management and social sharing.

Instancy mobile learning platform enables organizations to create branded mobile learning apps for online and offline learning and synchronize the leaner progress data to centralized server.

Instancy Learning Content Management System (iLCMS) is a learning object repository that enables web-based and collaborative authoring of modular eLearning content and personalized learning tracks.

Learning providers can set-up eCommerce-based learning portals to sell content to individuals and corporate clients through multiple sub-portals.

Instancy Platform is a modular and integrated system that includes an integrated product suite:

•     Learning Management System
•     Learning Record Store with Experience API support
•     Social Learning System
•     Learning Content Management System
•     Web Authoring tools and MS Office to eLearning Conversion tools
•     Classroom Training Management (ILT and Virtual ILT management)
•     Online Assessments and Test Preparation Tools
•     E-Commerce System for Digital Learning  
•     Mobile Learning App Platform (Apple iOS and Android devices)

Instancy products and services are designed to create personalized learning environments, cut-down costs and time for eLearning, Blended Learning and Mobile Learning.

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