325 RF microwave power divider, combiner, splitter models to choose from in 2way thru 32way configurations. Featuring Type N power dividers and SMA splitters. Broadband 50 ohm RF splitters span 0.698 - 2.7 GHz frequency with optimized specs for Public Safety Band, Cell, GSM 900 / 1800, PCS, UMTS, GPS, L Band, W-CDMA-3G, TETRA, IEEE802.11 b/g, UHF RFID, ISM, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and LTE wireless apps. Wilkinson microstrip design permits DC passing on all ports for active systems. DC blocking available for passive system. True 3way, 6way, 12way RF power dividers provide equal power split balance. Compact T-Style RF signal splitters offer convenient coaxial cable access. IP65, IP67 weatherproof, high power and RoHS splitter combiners instock.
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