IntApp provides solutions that connect and centrally manage legal applications to increase firm revenue (Time Builder), ensure client confidentiality (Wall Builder) and maximize staff productivity (Integration Builder).

--Integration Builder--
Integration Builder allows organizations to connect and share data between applications in real time to streamline business processes such as new business intake. Enabling firms to rapidly address common challenges, IntApp provides pre-built solution templates, best practices and access to an energetic, collaborative user community of IT professionals.

Integration Builder delivers rapid integration without the cost, complexity and time required by traditional tools or custom development. Integration Builder:
--Rapidly solves key business and IT problems by providing a powerful, centralized integration environment and the pre-built solutions necessary to deploy solutions quickly and effectively
--Reduces risk and expense by freeing organizations from inefficient, ad hoc processes and manual workarounds, by keeping important business data up-to-date, and by extending the useful lifespan of legacy applications
--Extends IT capabilities by empowering IT to deliver more extensive solutions in less time and by accelerating the successful adoption of new, emerging technologies such as web services
--Improves service to end users by streamlining, optimizing and automating existing IT and business processes and by serving as the resource and functional catalyst for the development more innovative solutions

--Wall Builder--
Wall Builder provides firms seeking complete confidentiality management with integrated policy governance and extended security enforcement. Optional modules add the ability to restrict information stored in multiple electronic repositories, additional notification tools, and “self-maintaining” walls that watch user behavior and self-update in response to matter team changes. Wall Builder is the industry standard for firms that:
--Need both automated policy management and access control enforcement
--Want to enforce controls beyond the Document Management System and secure other electronic applications
--Require the most extensive compliance tracking and reporting capabilities

--Time Builder--
IntApp Time Builder helps law firms increase billings, accelerate attorney time entry, and streamline pre-bill and collection processes. It provides attorneys with an automated “daily diary” of time spent, so no activity is overlooked or under billed.

Time Builder provides attorneys (or their secretaries) with this comprehensive activity journal by passively monitoring the key tools used throughout the day (including email, calendar, documents, web, phone and mobile devices) and automating hassles like contact and client matter lookups by cross-referencing CRM, contact and accounting databases.

Because Time Builder integrates with existing firm time entry applications rather than replacing them, it does not disrupt existing practices and preferences. Most importantly, it’s easy to use and non-invasive -- users control what’s watched by setting their own preferences and exclusion lists. And the activity journal is available via web, email or printed PDF.