Integra Networks, Inc. - "Who Says Quality Can't Cost Less".

Integra Networks Saves You Capital - Without Compromising Quality

If you’re being asked to do more networks deployments with less capital, then consider Integra Networks as a partner in your engineering efforts.  Integra Networks is dedicated to providing industry-standard fiber optic equipment to increase transmission capacity and improve performance of the MSOs, RBOCs and TELCOs we serve. Our gear is the most aggressively priced in the market.

Based in New York’s Capital Region, Integra Networks is led by a dedicated team of telecommunications and cable experts with vast experience in all areas of network deployment- from sales to design to implementations and management.  These past experiences led us to the realization that there was an opportunity to provide solutions that would be highly cost effective and still offer a level of quality, reliability and responsiveness that is not second to none.

Seamless Solutions That Work

There has been a gradual disaggregation of network components from manufacturer solutions.  Opportunities exist for you to use third party components in your network without compromising quality or functionality.  Our products are based on industry standards, often specified by multi-source agreements (MSA).  

Historically, this may have required operational sacrifices, but not with Integra Networks.  We only offer solutions that work seamlessly for you.  Our technical engineering and programming expertise ensures only products that are fully compatible are offered to our customers.  This includes the vast majority of major manufacturers.

Savings, Quality and Service

The savings that we provide is what first gains attention.  However, our customers will tell you that the overall experience of doing business with Integra Networks runs far deeper than that.
- We work to provide the highest quality products available
- Focus on functionality ensures seamless and full compatibility
- Our testing procedures work to ensure a high degree of reliability  
- You will always have a personalized customer relationship at Integra Networks
- We work with you to ensure the fastest turnaround possible
- Stocking of many products domestically for overnight deliveries
- We work with our customers to stock what they need on hand

Products at a Glance

Optical Transceivers:
These small, hot-swappable pluggable interfaces provide physical layer signaling for data, voice, storage and video transport networks over your WDM, CWDM and DWDM configurations. Their design and interoperability is controlled by industry-approved standards, but they cost significantly less through Integra Networks.


Passive Optical Components:
Integra Networks offers a full line of passive Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) products to assist you in making the most of your network assets by transmitting multiple signals over the same fiber at different wavelengths.  Whether your needs are "off the shelf" or highly customized, Integra Networks can help by applying our expertise to find solutions that are right for your unique needs.

Add-Drop Filters
PLC Splitters
Field & LGX cases
Custom Solutions

Bend Resistant Fiber Jumpers:
Integra Networks offers a complete line of factory terminated fiber jumpers for multimode and single mode fibers and connector types. Integra Networks uses the most advanced ITU G.657B compliant bend resistant optical fibers and a manufacturing process that assures superior connector performance. This compliance ensures that we are meeting or exceeding the industry standards for optical reflectance and insertion loss.

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