We are a team of highly trained health care providers who were brought together by our belief that health and wellness is best achieved through a multifaceted, integrative approach.  Our services include traditional and holistic primary care, osteopathic manipulation, occupational therapy, naprapathic medicine, mental health counseling and yoga with additional services coming soon.

From your first interaction with Integrative Wellness Group you will notice a difference.  Through the use of the most current technology in health care we have streamlined the process of getting you to your doctor by making the administrative flow less cumbersome and easily navigated.  

Once you’ve made it through our doors you will find a welcoming community of healthcare providers who genuinely care about your wellness goals. We welcome any and all individuals who seek the best version of themselves.  

At IWG our team will take their time to listen to your concerns and, utilizing evidence-based medicine, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, and natural remedies, we will work with you collaboratively to choose the path that is right for you. As our practice grows we strive to continually expand our offerings to provide our patients and clients with the most integrative and collaborative care in order to create a community rooted in wellness.