Systems Integration are one of the world’s leading suppliers of software and hardware solutions for the food processing industry, working with producers in Europe, Canada and the USA.

The company was established in 1992, when CEO Rob Stephens saw a gap in the market for a production management system that worked for businesses in the food processing sector. As Group Operations Manager at a large meat processing plant, he often experienced problems with the hardware and software systems that were available to food processors, so he created a new solution which Tesco recommended to all of their meat suppliers.

Over the last 18 years, Systems Integration have established a large client base of meat processors and have recently started working with producers in the fish, cheese and ingredients sectors. This year they have launched Integreater®, a new brand designed to reflect how their technology develops the business critical areas of:

•     production control
•     planning and management
•     customer relationships

Integreater® is an Enterprise Manufacturing Execution System (e-MES), the latest productivity solution for food processing businesses. It offers far more functionality than a standard Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and unlike most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, it has been developed by food processing experts to account for all the variants and complexities specific to the industry.

Integreater® is a complete software and hardware solution that enables food processors to maximise their unique competitive advantage. It provides relevant, meaningful and up to the minute information, allowing processors to identify trends and resolve any potential problems before they escalate.  It also enables food producers to analyse profit and loss for each individual customer, brand and product, allowing effective planning to improve profitability.

As it is a modular programme, Integreater® can interface with existing production systems and third party programmes to minimise business upheaval and cost. It has been designed for easy use by employees across the business, reducing the cost of staff training and employing specialists.

Integreater® ensures that food producers have the knowledge and visibility to adapt their processes to improve efficiency, accuracy and traceability. In an industry with notoriously tight operating and profit margins, this is becoming increasingly important.

Meat Software
Integreater’s meat software includes a livestock suite which features the following modules:
•         livestock bookings
•         livestock management
•         livestock tracker
•         veterinary data collection
•         livestock ordering point
•         carcass stock
•         livestock sampling station
•         stun monitor
•         livestock grading station
•         livestock payments system

Fish Software
Integreater’s fish software ensures complete traceability through its labelling solutions and an increasing number of fish and seafood processors are choosing Integreater® to ensure that they can easily meet legislative requirements.

Cheese Software
Integreater’s cheese software features a unique grading application which is revolutionising the way that grading information is captured and stored, meaning that operators can easily access information on batches or specific products, wherever they are located.

The grading application has been designed to enable cheese processors to quickly and easily record grading information, through the use of portable, hand-held data capture devices.

Integreater® Product Range
Production Control Modules:
•     SOP & POP (Sales Order Processing/Purchase Order Processing)
•     Livestock Suite
•     Weigh & Label/OCM (Outer Case Marker)
•     Production Tracker
•     Production Monitor
•     Despatch Tracker
•     Stock Tracker

Planning & Management Modules:
•     Stock & Order
•     Available To Sell
•     Production Planning
•     Packaging Waste Regulation Manager
•     Dry Goods Manager
•     Yield Manager
•     Forecasting

Performance & Improvement Modules:
•     Dashboard
•     Business Analysis
•     OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
•     KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
•     Bench Marking

Customer Relationships Modules:
•     Margin Manager
•     Cost Modelling
•     QA Control