Intelisoles are the brainchild of two veterans of the medical device and sports performance industries.  Together Earl Van Wagoner and Duane Anderson have over 30 years experience in the field of specialized medical and performance equipment. They realized there is a simpler solution for balance and gait assessment/training, as well as an easier way to discreetly monitor and provide feedback for sports performance applications.  They realized their wearable technology has numerous applications, ranging from jogging apps that can monitor excessive heel striking and alert the runner when heel striking forces are too high, or in gaming industry to make games more interactive.  For example a skateboarding game where the tricks and maneuvers are dictated by the patterns of foot movement.  This takes the concept of the wii balance platform to the next level.

Intelisoles have micro sensors embedded into insoles which can detect a force production and acceleration and movement patterns of each foot.  The insoles are few millimeters in thickness so they comfortably and unknowingly fit into any shoe without modification.  Once the insoles are placed into the users shoe, simply wirelessly sync the insoles to an iPad or iPod and launch the Intelisoles software.  After the Intelisoles are synched the users activity is displayed on the iPad/iPod.  That image can then be mirrored onto a large screen TV or Projector by using an Apple TV.  This provides an instant feedback mechanism which can be used in Medical settings, Physical Performance Testing/Training as well as in gaming.  In addition we have the ability to incorporate other feedback mechanisms such as audible alerts for excess heel strike during running or haptic vibrations for people who can’t sense their lower limbs such as people who are Diabetic and suffer from neuropathy.

This instant feedback provides the users with additional information which can then be used in many ways for a wide variety of applications.  Below are a few examples of how the technology can and will be used:

○     Gait: Help those suffering for gait impairments by providing a new way to
     measure gait and provide instant feedback to enhance therapy.
○     Fall Reduction: Easily measure static and dynamic movements to detect risk of  
     falls and use biofeedback and  gaming interfaces
○     Biofeedback Device:  Provide feedback to users with loss of sensations

Sports Performance:
○     Running:  Provide audible alerts for excessive heel strike pressure, and provide real    
     time data on stride length, foot  strike patterns, distance ran, stride symmetry, and more.
○     Cycling:  Provides real time feedback on cycling parameters such as cadance, foot
     pressure output during crank cycle,  bilateral symmetry and power bands.
○     Gym:  Monitor lower body movements such as squats, lunges to make sure  
     forces are equally applies by both legs, monitor cycling parameters such as
     revolutions or cadence, and more.
○     Sports: Monitor, record, take video clips using the iPad camera to capture tricks  
     while skateboarding, cycling, etc...  

○     Active Gaming:  Take gaming to the next level using lower body movements and
     the pressure of your feet to control  the game.  Run, jump and dodge, or lean front
     back and side-to-side to steer or control your character.
○     Virtual Reality:  Enhance 3D Virtual Reality by combining the Intelisoles with other
     products like the Oculus Rift!

Intelisoles will release to the public in late 2014, with its first applications focused on the medical and sports performance markets.  If we reach our Stretch Goals during our crowdfunding we will launch multiple applications ahead of schedule, and if we raise enough we will be donating Intelisoles to Medical Centers across the US. to help aide in the fight against falls, which are the leading cause of injury death to those 65+.

Crowdfunding Information:
We will first launch on Prefundia.com to gain a pre-following, whereby we will launch on a crowdfunding platform such as Kickstarter / Indegogo / Crowdfunder.  The goal of crowdfunding is to raise brand  awareness, raise money and make connections.  The lower levels of donators ($2-$200) get anywhere from 5%-50% off retail products for life, shirts, email updates, and their name forever listed on our Internet Wall of Fame.  On the high end levels ($300 up)
donors will get anywhere from 50%-90% off retail for life, plus a pre-release set of Intelisoles, open source coding to create their own software and apps, and more.

NOTE: Speak to Prefundia/Crowdfunder/Indegogo/Kickstarter:  (A good product will help boost their brand.  We can plug them after.)