Intella education is an IT Training & development company having an experienced team of
more than 80 industry professionals, Freelancers, Community supporters and young
innovators who are constantly working on 100% client satisfaction in terms of value-add
training delivery and software as a service (SAAS) production. intella education provides online as well as classroom classes & Monthly workshops on trending technologies also help students to be updated and develop
interest towards interactive learning. These workshops are generally designed to bring
awareness about Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, block-chain, Advance Robotics etc
IT Training:
Our IT training programs are well customized and designed to meet the current demands of
the industry which makes you ready in all possible aspects. Our hands-on training approach
is effective in producing strong short term & long term outputs to college students, working
professionals or anyone who is trying their hands in the IT area.
Every Training program has a list of projects focusing on different problematic statements to
develop a creative approach & we push them to do more in the same area which brings
real-life experience to the learner.
A proper mentorship is always an advantage while choosing the right path and right career
opportunities so we keep that in mind and with the best team & best content, we also provide
post-training guidance which helps students to find the best opportunity available in the
Our training material is open to students who have an in-depth interview-based MCQ, short
type, long type question series with important pointers with no additional fee.
As we are discussing intensive training programs, post-training guidance and interview
preparations so now it's very important that we put some light on certifications. Intella
education while being best in the industry has made collaboration with reputed Educational
and IT partners for valuable certifications.
Our IT training partners are,
1. Microsoft Technology Associate
2. ICT Academy
3. IIT Kanpur
4. Adobe Certified Associate
5. HP - Accredited systems engineer
6. Autodesk
7. Oracle - System Administrator
8. Amazon AWS
9. Intella Education IT Certifications.

courses that we offered :-Stem education, stem, robotics, Arduino, raspberry pi, scratch programming, block coding,
web development, python, HTML, CSS, javascript, 3d printing, soldering, electronics,