What makes one business succeed and another fail? What elements are present in one but not the other? Can business success or failure be reasonably predicted? A good product, packaged and promoted well will bring a business financial reward. However, effectively and continually marketing products that appeal to the correct end consumer can make or break a business.

Intelligent Marketing believes that most companies suffer from inadequate marketing processes that make reaching goals difficult, if not impossible. In an effort to counter the negative impacts of these occurrences, the business model of Intelligent Marketing was born. This is to say that the business provides marketing consulting services to private businesses who are interested in reaching their true customers in an efficient cost effective method.

Intelligent Marketing uses geographic information system technology which has the capability of incorporating hundreds of variables in its quantitative assessments. What this end product provides to the consumer is a high-quality, illustrative, data-driven, analysis which is targeted towards reaching their true customers.