Since 1996, Intelligo has been providing their own cutting edge corporate HR and Payroll software and outsourced services to hundreds of clients in the Ireland and the UK.

Whether you require payroll outsourcing services, HR or Payroll cloud based Software as a Service or an on-premises software, they have a solution suitable for your needs. Intelligo’s strengths lie in their cutting edge payroll and HR solutions, Megapay and MegaHR. They own the software, which means they can tailor all software to meet your company HR and Payroll needs.

For outsourcing services - trust the experts! They have designed a dynamic fully-managed payroll service, Intellipay, allowing you to vastly improve the way your payroll is managed. They use their own Payroll Software, Megapay, to run the outsourcing division. This offers a streamlined and flexible service for all payroll needs.

Intelligo are committed to providing the highest quality service through their extremely qualified team of experts. The results speak for themselves – with a greater than 99% customer retention rate and approximately 20% of the working population currently paid using Megapay, Intelligo is the No.1 choice for corporate businesses.