Who we are:  
We are a Christian direct sales company leading “Girls Nights Out” in-home parties to enrich marriages by encouraging women to be intentional wives. We share principles, ideas and products to educate & equip women to be intentional in all aspects of their marriage in a fun and comfortable Girls-Night-Out atmosphere.

Statements of Faith and Marriage:  
We believe in one sovereign God who is the creator of all things, infinite, perfect, eternal, and all-knowing. We believe Jesus is God’s Son, being both fully human and fully God sacrificed His life for us so we can put our trust & faith in Him alone for our salvation.  
We believe that Marriage is a God-ordained and legally upheld and meant to be a lifelong covenant between one man and one woman.  Marriage is designed and instituted by God as a source of joy and an example to the world of the relationship between Christ and His church, and to help fulfill His purposes for humanity.  We believe God intended physical intimacy to be a gift protected and enjoyed within the boundaries of marriage.

Obedient Response to a Divine Calling:  
Intentional Moments was founded by two women whose hearts are dedicated to serving women and helping marriages thrive.  They are busy moms and wives, but both Jenn and Dawn have come to understand a healthy marriage does not happen without effort and action..  Their passion to see committed, intentional marriage relationships coupled with countless stories of women searching for practical and “doable” answers, led them to create a company with the vision to help build lasting marriages by looking at all aspects of the marriage relationship.  Intentional Moments was created to offer much needed Girls Nights Out and be a resource center for husbands and wives.  Neither would have imagined of planned this to be their career...but this is exactly what God continues to lead and equip them to do!  (Jeremiah 29:11)

What we do:  
Independent marriage consultants lead in-home Girls Night Out parties for women to enrich marriage relationships.  In a fun, comfortable setting, we discuss all facets of marital intimacy including spiritual, emotional and physical as gifts to be valued, treasured and nurtured.  Our parties are driven by our mission and purpose, and supported by our products.  To equip women with practical ideas to be intentional wives, products are demonstrated as examples to inspire friendship,  renew commitment and rekindle romance between husbands and wives.  Our consultants are upheld to a strong moral code of ethics.  All ordering is done in private ordering rooms where consultants can help answer more intimate and private questions, or refer guests to professionals as needed.  Consultants are able to earn income through parties and  leading other consultants in the company.  Consultants are also strongly encouraged to participate in charitable giving/tithing.