Interbank-Equipment is the equipment sales division of Interbank-Exchange, LLC. Bank Equipment is part of our name and has been our core business for over 10 years. However, you will find a wide range of applications for the products offered to meet your needs for Secure Storage Equipment and Transaction Equipment. Our customer base extends beyond banks to hotels, hospitals, national and local government agencies, convenience stores, and restaurants.

We offer products from leading manufacturers such as Diebold, NCR, Heritage, Triton, Tranax, Securifort, Phoenix Safe, Korden, National Safe, QuikServ, and others. You will find New ATMs, Refurbished ATMs, Bank Safes, Safe Deposit Boxes, Banking Supplies, Drive Through Transaction Drawers, Transaction Windows, and Teller Line Furniture for the branch.

For your payment processing needs there are Pass-Thru Windows, Transaction Windows,
Payment Drop Boxes, Night Depositories, Currency Counters, Deal Trays, and Counterfeit Detectors. Keep your documents and data secure with our line of fireproof files and fireproof data safes.

You can invest in your equipment needs from various sources, so why choose Interbank?

1. You have the 24/7 convenience of shopping and ordering online. Shipping is Always Free!
Interbank-Equipment is your One-Stop-Shop for your equipment package.

2. You will be offered solutions from various top manufacturers. There is no single manufacturer that has an equipment line that will meet everyone's needs all of the time.

2. Most of our pricing is listed online. For special or custom products, you will receive an immediate response! You are not going to have to wait three weeks just for a proposal. Same day proposals are the norm. Our initial responsiveness is indicative of our future support.

3. You may not build 20 branches this year; however you still deserve respect, time, and project assistance.

4. You have the option of choosing completely refurbished equipment in some cases. Refurbished ATMs can literally save you thousand$ of dollar$. You will not be oversold on a product you don't need.

We value your business regardless of whether you come to us from our e-store or have been referred by one of our existing customers. We look forward to becoming your primary source for bank, secure storage, and transaction equipment needs.