interface projects GmbH is a leading German company for enterprise search and knowledge management solutions. Its own product intergator is an intelligent search engine, knowledge management and analytics platform. Serving as a single point of access intergator unlocks valuable content, whether it exists in file servers, emails, websites, databases, cloud content, SharePoint, CRM, ECM, PLM, SAP, ERP or any other data source. It allows users to gain access to all essential data inside and outside their organization on any platform or device, instantly and securely. Being more than a universal search tool, the intergator social dashboard is a personalized interface tailored to share information. intergator has proven to be an extremely efficient tool as it allows users to navigate within search results and to limit or extend these upon needs. Moreover, intergator expands on a keyword search and provides powerful algorithms, interrelations and social media monitoring solutions.
Why intergator?
intergator does not deliver a basic full text search listing thousands of hits. intergator brings a friendly, social and extremely efficient tool to your desktop and allows you to navigate in the results, to limit or extend these upon your needs. intergator does even more! From an intelligent keyword search, intergator expands this query and provides powerful and satisfying algorithms, interrelations and social media monitoring solutions.

intergator Enterprise Search as an appliance is the perfect solution for customers striving for maximum performance with minimum integration efforts. The intergator appliance provides the following advantages:
- Service and support guaranteed by the manufacturer.
- Focus: Website search, Intranet search (for SMB), social intranet, index replication in Enterprise search cluster. Up to 300.000 indexed objects. Unlimited integration of 3rd party feeds. More than 100 standard connectors.

intergator solutions:
Enterprise Search: Fast and efficient access to all information within the organization.
Knowledge Management: Retrieval and processing of content sources.  
Social Intranet: Creation of personalized and content-specific smart data info cockpits.
Content Analytics & Compliance: Advanced user-interactive analytics based on info apps’ dashboards to improve decision-making processes. Compliance rules monitoring.

intergator components:
Social Dashboard: Personalized, customizable research frontend with flexible adaptable InfoApps.
Analytics: Analyses of content, utilization and statistical evaluations by means of interactive charts.
Knowledge Capturing: Relevant information gathered by a user-friendly drag & drop.
Mobile Search: Easy-to-use interface with comprehensive preview functions.
Documentation Reader: Quick location of text passages within large documents through visual highlighting.
OCR Service: Text acquisition from scanned documents or images in PDF files.

Interface projects  GmbH at a glance:
Founded in Dresden/ Germany in 1993

Industry/ Business Segments:
Knowledge management
Universal search
Business processes support
Enterprise 2.0

Java, XML

intergator Enterprise Search

Client base:
Over 211 customers are currently using intergator

Zwinglistraße 11/13
01277 Dresden