Prolinea Intermedia Promotions Incorporated (PIP Inc.) was established as a new section of Prolinea Incorporated to support and promote Japanese domestic artists wanting to take the step onto the global scene but with no resources to do so themselves. The idea to go international came from 13 years of running Prolinea Inc., an Event Production company in Osaka, Japan. The response received from working with Domestic Event/Concert Production resulted in the vision and dream to work from a wider perspective.

The purpose of PIP Inc. is to encourage the promotion of Japanese artists to the global entertainment scene and to function as an intermediary between event producers and artists worldwide.

With PIP Inc., our short-term intentions are to be able to introduce the artists we work with to the global festival/concert stage. The long-term perspective of producing festivals and tours domestically with international artists making the circle of cultural exchange complete is an ongoing project.

We offer a broad range of services with the focus on support for Japanese artists performing abroad, foreign musicians who wish to perform in Japan and coordination of overseas events/performances. With the support of arts subsidies we are able to offer high quality, low-cost artist booking for your event. Furthermore, we also offer support and planning of logistics and stage direction in connection with your event, a service infrequently provided for in Japan.