INTERMEDIA TOUCH is a leader in the distribution and development of interactive technology. Our goal is to create experiences by making use of the latest interactive media technology and applications available in the Digital Signage industry.

With more than 15 years experience in the I.T. and audio visual fields INTERMEDIA TOUCH provides both hardware and software support from one source. In doing so we are able to tailor interactive solutions, without limitations, by combining touch, sound, on-screen graphics, images and animation thus creating the highest impact experience for your target audience.

Consumers are no longer attracted to traditional static displays and therefore opting for the interactivity and information offered through the internet. By creating interactive experiences, on site, we are capturing the audience’s attention and creating innovative shopping, promotional experiences, visual impact and reengaging the consumer.

We offer:
• Interactive holographic Screens • Interactive Film for Windows • Interactive Floors / Surfaces • Interactive Frames for LCD’s & Plasmas • Interactive Directories • Non-Interactive Products • Permanent Installation • Rentals • Production Services • Software Design • 3D Animation • Mobile Applications•   Revenue Generating Advertising Programs • Data Mining • Setup and Installation • Training • Maintenance • and much more ………………..