Internet Cafe Software, CyberCafe Software by MyCafeCup - Take real control of your cybercafe shop. Explore to get the new internet cafe management strategies, flexible marketing plans, billing and more easily than ever. MyCafeCup has many unique features optimized for Internet Cafe, CyberCafe, Internet Center, Gaming Cafe, Game Center,Hotel Business Center, Wi-Fi HotSpot AccessPoint Area and any PC rental with WiFi HotSpot Internet Gateway business. If you are internet cafe owner and looking for the easiest internet cafe software, Download MyCafeCup now, then you will get much more of your free time.

MyCafeCup is a software solutions for the operation of an Internet Cafe, Cyber Cafe, Gaming Center, Internet Center or PC rental system. Designed primarily for billing  Internet Cafe business and also controls the PCs on your intranet. System functions and user interface has been designed to be easy to use with little or no experience in the computer industry. The software allows you to set up various marketing plans for each user to chose from.

Cyber Internet Cafe Software           MyCafeCup is Client / Server application which allows you to manage, control and monitor easily all client machines status remotely from the Server in on-line and in real time. Administrators can just monitor or manage the things at clients easier from the server, such as shutdown, reboot, Wake-up on LAN, force the user to log-out, see the running applications, Remote Virtual Desktop, etc ....

Cyber Internet Cafe Software           MyCafeCup has a comprehensive high security to prevent the un-authorized users access to your client computers, so just grant access to your customer individually. By creating username/password accounts with the ability to charge the user in various terms (Pre-paid , Post-paid, on-demand usage, etc..).

HotSpot Timer Software           EvoSpot is supplement Wi-Fi software of MyCafeCup Platinum and sold separately.  It creates a HotSpot integrated to MyCafeCup Platinum and enhances your store services for various devices of your customers such as notebook, PDA, or mobile phone to gain access the Internet. EvoSpot allows you to control, manage and meter Internet access time by using the account created by MyCafeCup Platinum. EvoSpot provides ultimate service both LAN PC’s and Wi-Fi devices for your customers satisfaction and also generate more income for your store