Intersec is a leading provider of VAS solutions with innovation as a key attribute.
Since 2004, Intersec has led the way with breakthrough in technology, performance and product richness. Our offering help MNOs go beyond the technological challenges of their business expansion through loyalty, messaging, LBS and alerting solutions to:
- optimize customer base marketing towards ARPU increase,
- perform effective retention strategies without jeopardizing the value,
- open new revenue streams with location intelligence monetization,
- maximize messaging traffic profitability
Intersec’s technology has been recognized and awarded by the market as a leader in innovation outperforming the competitive landscape.
Our solutions are already deployed in Europe, Africa, South America and the Indian Ocean.

Loyalty Solutions: Customer Loyalty & Retention - Churn Prediction - Promotion & Mobile Marketing
A multi-channel approach for creating and managing in real time microsegmented loyalty and retention offers, enriched with proactive churn risk analysis. Intersec loyalty solutions are customer centric with intuitive web interfaces especially designed for marketing teams’ usage on a daily basis.

Messaging Solutions: Content Provider Management - Messaging Traffic Optimization - SMS & Cell Broadcast Enablement
Monetize traffic from 3rd parties and enable additional revenue generating messaging services. Reduce Costs optimizing P2P and A2P traffic management with high-performance delivery and secured filtering. Intersec maximizes the profitability of messaging traffic today.

Location-Based Services: LBA & LBM - Mass Scale Location Intelligence - Geo-fencing
Monetize real-time subscriber activity and location info through advanced B2B and B2C location centric advertising and geomarketing services. Consolidate location Intelligence on a large scale basis for further innovation.