Welcome to InTopGear Driving School. We provide professional customer centred Driving Tuition for all levels, delivered in a patient and relaxed environment.  Learning to drive is a fantastic, rewarding and highly effective life skill and our objective at InTopGear is to teach "Skills for Life" not just "Skills for Test".

Our services are delivered across Motherwell, Hamilton, Wishaw and the surrounding areas by DVSA Approved Driving Instructors with a relentless focus on both road safety and continuous professional development to ensure the highest quality driving instruction courses deliver safe drivers for the future.

Displaying both sensitivity and patience, we are able to prepare our customers for both the theory and practical tests. We aim to build up your confidence in many different driving situations and pass on all the knowledge you will need to have an enjoyable and safe future on the road.

We provide our customers with the right conditions to receive good, sound training with a wide variety of courses.

All our courses follow the most up to date industry recognised techniques and our training methods are always client centred to ensure that they meet your individual needs.

We offer the following services :

Learner / Beginner Training
Full Licence holder Refresher Courses
Intensive / Semi Intensive Courses
UK Roads familiarisation for Oversees visitors (Short or Long term)
Pass Plus
Motorway Tuition
Theory & Hazard Perception preparation

We provide long-term guidance all the way from the preparation phase and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have