Headquartered in Luxembourg, Intorel conducts business worldwide. Intorel’s solutions have been used by hundreds of ground stations, across 6 continents. Its workforce is consisted of experienced, highly motivated professionals from all around Europe.

Intorel SARL was founded in 2001 as Limited Liability Company. By the end of 2002 the company’s flagship product – Visionic Professional was out on the market.

The company has been a world class developer of advanced monitoring and control solutions for broadcast enterprises and satellite communications. For more than a decade, it has been recognized as a market leader. During that time, Intorel has implemented a variety of customized solutions across satellite, broadcasting, telecom and many other industries. Some of the most distinguished companies around the world have established Intorel solutions as a part of their daily business. SES Group, Telenor, NATO, Telecom Austria, European Parliament, Deutsche-Welle, Globecast, Orange, Cologne Broadcasting Center, Canal+, ChelloMedia / LibertyMedia, Al-Jazeera, Swedish Space Corp, Digiturk, ZeeTV, Monaco Telecom, Telekom Malaysia, and many others are only a handful of those who have recognized the company’s outstanding experience and expertise.