Intriago Advisors is a company led by Joy M. Intriago, CPA specializing in providing business valuation services for estates, gifts, divorces, pre-nuptials, buy/sell agreements, partner or shareholder buy-outs, and other consulting services such as exit strategies and succession planning.

With more than 20 years experience in building and consultation with a wide variety of businesses, she is well-equipped to assist you, your client or business in assessing the value of a business interest. Business valuation principles that Ms. Intriago employs in her engagements can also serve to identify key areas where profitability may be improved and for planning to maximize returns to shareholders and investors on exits to assure that their retirement accounts are maximized so they reap maximum rewards for their years of hard work.

Ms. Intriago has also served in family law matters, participating as an expert witness working with clients’ counsel to understand the value of marital assets and in negotiations between parties.  Her other assignments have included valuations in tax matters and disputes, such as for estate planning and gift valuations.