Daniel has been writing since his return to civilian life: after a three year stint, in the U.S. Army as a S/Sgt. The above novels are the only published out of a possible seven. He is also a student at Montclair State University where he holds wide spread credits in business, political science and psychology. As far back as 1972 he broke into acting in community theater. He then went professional into film in 18 Shades of Dust and a background stint on The Sopranos (was a widely popular cable series).He would like to continue this venue, of his life, as he has submitted many resumes to a number of casting agencies. He had attempted a role as an Italian Diplomat, with the backdrop of the United Nations, in a film, starring Nicole Kidman. However, it was not to be.

He continues on with music as he was a musician while in the Army. He has gone from percussion to alto and tenor saxophones, while diddling on his keyboard.

He states that everything he has a great interest in, unfortunately, has a great deal of competition.  All Arts are a tough business to break into.