Invention City helps new and seasoned innovators bring great product ideas to life. The company primarily seeks to license ideas from inventors and take them forward on a revenue sharing basis. The gateway to a licensing deal is the Brutally Honest Review for which the inventor pays a one-time fee.

Inventors signing up for a Brutally Honest Review are told to expect an answer of "no", an explanation for why the answer is "no", and to benefit from the explanation and some suggestions on how to move forward. On occasion Invention City says "yes" and offers a licensing deal. If the inventor accepts the deal, Invention City takes on the risking of development, patenting and commercializing and the inventor receives a share of profit.

The company was founded in 1997 by Mike Marks based upon his experiences with WorkTools, Inc. and products like PowerShot forward action staple guns, Gator-Grip universal sockets, PaperPro desktop staplers and more. Learn about Invention City at  http://www.inventioncity.com/.