Inventionland Design specializes in Industrial, Product Design and Development, with extensive experiences in Industrial Design, Sourcing & Manufacturing, will present you a solution from bare ideas to real working products.

Inventionland Industrial Design is the subsidiary of Davison America with flooded experience in Product, Industrial Design and development in North America & China.

In the past one decade, Inventionland has formed it's base of innovation and creativity by developing thousands of product designs in Customer Electronics, Industrial Products, Medical Equipment, Household Electrical Applicances to quench the thirst of huge demand in China Market.

Inventionland Design has also developed a lot of successful designs in North America and in Europe. Standing on the shoulder of Economic Giant, China , she has gained extensive experience in Manufacturing, Prototyping and Sourcing in the most Competitive Cost combined with reliable Quality Control.

We are committed to blend the American Design Ideas with China manufacturing capability to creating an impressive effect on our product development. Aided by our international employees in Shanghai R&D center and Davison HQ in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we are ready to serve you with our feathered solutions.