Investments Limited is one of the country’s premier real estate investment, ownership, development, operations, management and leasing organizations.  We own a geographically diversified portfolio of commercial properties and residential communities.

Privately owned and operated from our headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida with a satellite office in Boston, Massachusetts,, we own and manage approximately 3200 apartments and over 2.5 Million Sq. ft of commercial income properties in and around the South Florida and Boston areas.  

The operation of our retail portfolio is driven by a simple philosophy:  to make each of our properties the most compelling and best place to shop that it can be.  We focus on constantly enhancing the shopping environment for our consumers and our retail partners through our management, marketing, leasing and development efforts, and consistently look to develop initiatives that are designed to provide a more hospitable and sophisticated shopping environment.  

Since moving its headquarters to Boca Raton over 25 years ago, Investments Limited has become a cornerstone of the community and actively supports the numerous organizations that make South Florida a wonderful place in which to live, work and play.  Knowing that corporate investment and re-investment in an area’s cultural, educational, non-profit, government and recreational components produces a healthy and thriving business environment, along with the well-being of its citizens, Investments Limited underwrites and lends unwavering support to a wide variety of local causes.  The founders of Investments Limited have served on more than 30 boards and committees, and actively provided financial support and leadership to numerous educational institutions and organizations.

Investments Limited maintains a keen sense of “total” community development, acting as proactive stewards on city, state and federal governing issues as they relate to its geographical concentration.  Serving as business development and citizen advocates, to protect and enrich the communities in which it does business, Investments Limited conducts formal and informal local and federal lobbying, actively participates in open town meetings, and is vocally present at city council meetings to offer support on key issues and political platforms.