InVida Events is your partner that will enable you to have access to unparalleled knowledge and insights in your industry. Our ability to deliver effective combination of premium quality events and business critical training courses makes our service offerings most unique and valuable to key individuals and organizations.

Our mission vision is to facilitate and organize premium workshops, trainings, conferences, and summits, that will provide positively unique and beneficial experience to professionals and innovative organizations as a practical and strategic investment.

With InVida Events expect to Experience Different.


TRAINING COURSES AND WORKSHOPS -InVida Events offers training courses and workshops, 2-4 day events that cater to delegates with much focused discussion topics and agenda.

CONFERENCE AND SUMMITS - InVida Events offers conferences and summits, large-scale events that cater to a wider range of topics and issues that concern specific industries.

IN- HOUSE TRAINING - InVida Events offers in-house training programs specifically designed to answer to needs of your organization. With our extensive pool of Expert Trainers we are confident to deliver to your needs.

EVENT HOSTING AND JOINT VENTURES- InVida Events is able to organizations run their conferences, symposium and or exhibition that will help your executives focus on their key business functions during your events.


Client responsive, client driven - Our events always revolve around the clients. From the onset, our various event offerings are designed to respond to the needs of the clients and their industry, be it some fundamental concerns or pressing issues. The various data we collect from the client experience when they attend our events is used to design improved succeeding events. We establish relationship with the clients that extend beyond the event.

Innovative events - Our panel of excellent researchers ensure that we produce events that are in sync with the needs of our clients. By understanding carefully the trends in various industries as well as in addressing fundamental demands of our client companies, we can offer programs which helps them achieve growth and improve productivity.


The company logo consists of our name, slogan, and the icon that represents the aspirations of the company. The red icon shows a stylized form of a human being with its out-stretched arms, as if it is leaping or flying; the slanted position captures the proactive nature of the company. The red and black colors symbolize our passion for innovation and dynamism -- life bursting through. The circular font of the company name embodies our focus and aim for excellence and continuity in our business.

The slogan, experience different, encapsulates our mission. It states what we offer and what our clients can expect from us -- different.


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DID: +65 6479 7101
FAX: +65 6479 7929