Today‚Äôs manufacturing environments are complex and are the result of an ever increasing complex environment.  Compression of time, lack of resources, hyper competitive markets, reduced barriers to entry put pressure on industries.
Invisual E is part of the industry today as an enabler to help OEM, integrators and manufacturers eliminate problems, capture opportunities and maximized capabilities. Therefore Invisual E applies a consultative approach with clients to deliver improvements on key objectives. Our portfolio is a  multi faceted toolbox of technology.

In the industrial space, our focus spans automation and process control, quality control and quality assurance.  Out of the box solutions which support quality management include cameras for welding, Thermal weld profiling for NDT/NDE.   Complementing these solutions are non contact laser profile sensors for metrology and surface inspection.  Automation and control is driven by extremely robust and flexible software.  These technology buckets are built on a base layer of industrial computing hardware which we configure, test and offer as hardware only or part of our solution package.  We are a supplier of other manufacturer products as well as a developer of our own solutions.
Our approach is to be business improvement specialists.  We offer consulting on manufacturing issues, we can supply a software control module as a subset to a larger project, or the control software solution itself.  We participate in feasibility studies, pilots and proof of concepts.  For the OEM we can even execute a turnkey product design and contract manufacture on select projects.