Invouch (www.invouch.com) based in the bay area has launched a new social network exclusively for businesses for collection, storing, management and broadcasting of testimonials and referrals.

Invouch is a business social network focused on ensuring your prominence and reputation in the online world. By using the power of testimonials and referrals, invouch will make sure that you or business will have a strong public profile that is easily found on Internet search results.

Invouch let’s you build a strong public profile that can easily impress your prospects and increase your reputation on the online world. Invouch is a system for inviting, collecting, storing, managing and broadcasting system for testimonials. Good testimonials build a strong foundation for any business (what should be the contents of a good testimonial).
All the testimonials received are profiled on the public page and the testimonial contents posted on search engines.

When the profile page is displaying your public details and showcases testimonials from your genuine contacts with star rating, the value of the profile page increases many fold.

Asking for testimonials was a hassle. But, now with Invouch, asking for a testimonial is as easy as clicking on a button. All you need to do is setup a strong, enticing testimonial invitation message once (how to write a good testimonial invitation message) and configure some hint-texts (hints on what you expect in the testimonial about you).

Once that is done, every time when you need to invite someone for leaving a testimonial, all you have to do is enter their name, email id and click on the invite button. An email with your pre-written invitation message, customized for your prospect, will be sent with the link to a dedicated page for providing the testimonial. The page for providing the testimonial will highlight the hint-texts for automatically filling the testimonial content with pre-written text that can be easily edited. Clicking on a button will send the testimonial to your profile. Testimonial collected. Task accomplished.

Finding you or your business online is a big problem, especially on the search engines. When someone searches for you or for your specific business category online, they are bombarded with zillions of search results. Invouch will help you stand out in this myriad collection of results with an easily identifiable profile page link that shows the number of testimonials you have received.

Showing a search result with strong reviews and testimonials, with a strongly identifiable unique URL dedicated for you etc can make sure that your profile will be visible very easily on the search results making people click on it.

Invouch lets you connect to your business contacts and professionals using a concept called “Connection”.

Being connected to a person lets you see his/her activities on invouch. So when you receive a new testimonial, everyone else who is connected to you will see it and will be able to comment on it. This means that keeping touch with your existing clients doesn’t need any additional effort now. Invouch does that for you without any extra effort from your end.

Your public profile is displayed prominently in search results once you have built some strong testimonial and rating content on it. When prospective clients or customers search for the service or product related to what you do, your profile would be prominently displayed on the results.

Prospects can contact you through your profile. These are called leads. Leads are directly delivered to your email address as well as you can find them on your invouch Lead delivery pages.

Invouch lets you ask for referrals from people who has utilized your service or purchased products (if you have a premium profile). Referring is very easy. Your contact has to configure the referral message once and subsequently for all referral invitations clicking on a button, invouch system will send a customized referral email to all the connected users. When it is easy to refer, chances of getting referred are more. More referrals mean more business!

Using invouch certainly will improve your online visibility as well as increase your business by leveraging the power of testimonials to procure more clients and customers.