InXct is an online marketing agency expanding towards a 360 degree model.InXct provides internet marketing services to its esteemed clients and help them explore the internet to gain maximum from the exponentially increasing internet market. InXct's business focuses on branding(product or company), strategy,innovation and lead generation on the internet. SMM(social media marketing), SEM(Search engiene Marketing) . Moreover,InXct generates Brand Demand by creatively using various digital tools like online advertising,Social Media, websites and application development.We can help you to: # Design and Develop social media strategy for your brand. # Create socialbuzz on online space. Engage with audience. # Establish communities and to connect easily and effectively. # Spark conversations and build world of mouth. # Make your identity on social platform.Besides conceptualising the systems and processes for your company, we also actually implement them. So your entire online marketing/branding functions are handled by my team. Also in the corporate space we work solely with SME's (upto 100cr topline) and start-ups. (also we handle the Web services/Offline advertising,Online Applications for individuals and proprietorships)