Inzata is the product of more than 20 years of work and evolution of around one single goal: Get more value out of business data.

It is a revolutionary data analytics platform for integrating, exploring, and analyzing data of any kind, from any source, at massive scale. Powerful AI-assisted data modeling and a patented aggregation engine help users quickly load, blend, and model raw and unstructured data turn it into powerful enterprise data models, actionable real-time analytics, and engaging visualizations. We help people discover the value of their data with impeccable speed and accuracy.

The rate of data created by businesses has increased explosively. Today more than 90% of business data goes unanalyzed, unused. Inzata was created to reverse this trend. Inzata empowers business users to harvest and use more of their data, without coding, without hiring teams of analysts to produce one report. Inzata makes it easy to combine and blend data from different sources - automatically, then enriches it further with critical third-party information. The result is an information-rich view of the most important things in your business - customers, products, sales, operations, financials.

Inzata is the easiest full-stack data analysis platform to learn and use. It provides everything you need, from data ingestion, data exploration, modeling, analysis, visualization, and monetization.